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What Does a Copywriter Actually Do?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I’m a freelance copywriter based in Leeds, and if I had a penny for every time someone looked confused when I tried to explain what I do for a living, I’d have enough to buy a couple of Freddos.

I sometimes forget though, until I started working in the advertising industry, I didn’t really know what a copywriter did either.

Wikipedia describes copywriting as, "the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing", which is completely correct. However, it still doesn’t explain a lot to anyone who has never been a part of the advertising or marketing world.

Simply put, copy is words. It can be found in many places such as websites, emails, TV ads, magazines and so on.

But copywriting isn’t as straightforward as just writing words.

Copywriting is all about creating persuasive content - triggering emotion and grabbing the attention of the audience.

Copywriting sells.

There are different types of copywriters, too. Everyone has their own specialism. Some copywriters conjure up compelling concepts and campaigns, creating copy for TV ads and/or radio, and some create online content, writing for websites, social media platforms and blogs.

Why do you need a copywriter?

One reason you might need a copywriter is that you simply don’t have the time to write.

Though sadly, a lot of people merely overlook the value of a good copywriter.

I think everyone has the ability to write, but if you don’t have the passion to write hella engaging stuff, you’re going to lose your audience.

Let’s say you’re looking for a life coach. You land on a website and see the title, "Welcome to Joe Bloggs’ Life Coaching", would you be excited?

Now let’s say you’re looking for a life coach and you land on a website that says, "LIFE COACHING FOR PEOPLE WHO GIVE A SHIT". (Liz Goodchild.) Personally, I would be more likely to read on.

In a nutshell, copywriting is important and is something every business should consider.

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