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Getting Back into Fitness After a Holiday

Updated: May 21, 2020

I may not have control over many things in life, but I do have control over my body. Someone once told me that if your aim is to look good, you’ll never be happy, but if your aim is to feel good, you’ll see results in no time.

My aim is to feel strong and stay healthy whilst still enjoying the foods I love. I also have a history of heart disease in my family - so in recent years (OK, months), I’ve made staying healthy a priority.

But, what happens when you go on holiday and relax your diet. (Please note that when I say diet, I mean your general eating habits, not a restrictive fad diet.) Let’s say for example (just off the top of my head, no reference to my own life), you go to Ibiza and find yourself having nachos and sangria for breakfast and your Burger King order consists of a double cheeseburger, XL fries, chilli cheese bites, onion rings and a chocolate milkshake…

Not the Don Simon we were suppin' in Ibiza...

It’s absolutely fine to say “F**k it, I’m on holiday” while you’re on holiday, but when you’ve been home for two weeks, you shouldn’t really be sneaking a bowl of spaghetti and sausages up to bed with you after you’ve already had breakfast, lunch, a second lunch, tea, another cheese toastie and a fifth piece of cheesecake. Again, no reference to my own life...

I’m no PT, but here are my tips for getting back on track.


You might think that the best thing to do after a week of eating garbage is to starve yourself. Wrong, this is probably the worst thing to do. If you overcompensate by living off dust, you’ll probably binge again the following week.

What you should do is forget about the past week and crack on as normal, eating a balanced diet and staying within your recommended calorie intake. We all love pizza (if you don’t then we need to talk), so have pizza! Just make sure you’re not eating it for every meal.

Ease Yourself Back into Exercise

Your first day back at the gym is never going to be easy or fun. So, instead of forcing yourself to do some hardcore strength training, try some lighter exercises or even just go for a walk. Increase your efforts every day and you’ll find yourself back to normal in no time!

Pay Attention to What You Drink

Simply put, drink a lot of water. I mean, don’t drown yourself, but aim for the recommended two litres a day. Water helps boost your metabolism, suppresses false hunger and stops you feeling lethargic.

In turn, you won’t be needlessly reaching for the biscuit tin and are more likely to want to exercise.

Don’t Turn a Bad Day into a Bad Week

If you’ve slipped and have accidentally eaten double your calorie intake, give yourself a little hug and start again tomorrow. Don’t be too hard on yourself or think that because you’ve had a bad day then you might as well eat takeaways for the next week. We are all human and we all slip.

In a nutshell, I suddenly seem to think I can dish out advice on health and fitness - but I do know how hard it is to get back on track after a period of overindulgence. So, stay positive, stay active and stay hydrated!

Adios, amigos.

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